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Feed The Resistance: Smoked Trout + Avocado Salad Toast is paired with Warsteiner Dunkel! I used Good Friday as an excuse to make something with fish.  Definitely not the traditional Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry – but fish none-the-less.  This Smoked Trout and Avocado Salad would be perfect at your next summer picnic.  Dee took her […]

Feed The Resistance: Kilt-Lifter Mac & Cheese paired with Sticky McDoogle from Ale Asylum! This week is National Library Week, and yesterday was National BEER Day – so I went to the library and got a book about beer!  The American Craft Beer Cookbook features recipes from Brewpubs and Breweries across the country!  From Wisconsin […]

Feed The Resistance: Hard Kombucha-Brined Chicken paired with…Luna Bay Hard Kombucha! This week’s “Tap That” beverage of the week comes to us from Luna Bay Booch…it’s the Prickly Pear Punch Hard Kombucha!  Last time we talked with the folks at Luna Bay, I got the idea that their Kombucha would be good to use as […]

Feed The Resistance: Smoky Paella w/Shrimp & Squid…paired with Bell’s “Bright White” Several years ago, Chef Jose Andres started World Central Kitchen.  The mission of World Central Kitchen is to feed people in areas that are in crises…humanitarian, climate and community crises.  The organization was started after the earthquake in Haiti, back in 2010 – […]

Feed The Resistance: Watergate Salad is paired with Coffee Stout from New Glarus Brewing Company! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to make something GREEN – so of course, my mind naturally went to that green salad that was on the table at every picnic in Wisconsin, all summer long, every summer, back […]

Feed The Resistance: Kedgeree w/Mango Chutney is paired with a Blood Orange IPA from Brew Free or Die! Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend…so the sun will stay up a little later in the day.  This recipe just feels like SUNSHINE to me, so I had to do my take on it as we approach […]

Feed The Resistance: Jerk Jackfruit Sliders are paired with 420 Imperial IPA from Sweet Water! I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but Jackfruit has become a big thing lately, especially in vegetarian cooking.  My wife and I have been trying to eat more vegetarian lately, not completely taking the plunge, but at least dipping […]

Feed The Resistance: Shrimp Jambalaya is paired with G.O.A.T. Maibock from Wisconsin Brewing Co. I’m actually a little disappointed in this one.  Don’t get me wrong, I was super-excited to cook this Shrimp Jambalaya from the Dooky Chase Cookbook…but it just didn’t turn out right.  I can’t blame the book – Leah Chase was the […]

Feed The Resistance: Ziggy Marley’s “Coconut Dream Fish” is paired with “Coconut Porter” from City Lights! Continuing with our Black History Month feature, this week we turn our attention to another musician with a great cookbook.  Ziggy Marley released the “Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook” back in 2016.  If you are into Jamaican food, there […]

Feed The Resistance: Snoop Dogg’s “Gimme S’mores Pie” with Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewery! We continue with our Black History Month feature of recipes from great black chefs – this week we’re getting ready for both the Big Game…and Valentines Day, with a recipe from Snoop Dogg!  As a chef, Snoop Dogg might not […]

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