Earn rewards listening to The Resistance 106.7.

Become a Disruptor.

You get a say in every song we play. Simply listen. Then text, 1 through 5. Five being the best. M for more. L for less. Love a song and want to hear it more, text 5m. Ok song, but play it less? Text 3L. You receive 5 points for every song you rate. Redeem those points for things like concert tickets, music, gift cards, free gas, free food. The list goes on.

Its Free To Join

Points Don’t Expire

New Rewards weekly

Getting Started

Its fast and easy to join. Simply click the link below. Follow a few simple steps. Then start earning rewards for doing what you are already doing, listening to The Resistance 106.7.


Dining Out


More Ways To Earn

Along the way we will let you know of other great ways to earn points. Like surveys, keywords and check ins.

Each Day means more points

Be sure to log into your Resistance Mixer account daily to find out how you can earn more points and get more stuff.