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Feed The Resistance: Roman-style Tripe is paired with Four Phantoms’ American Blonde Ale!   The first time I ate Tripe was at Pig In A Fur Coat, and amazing restaurant on Willy Street, and the dish was AMAZING!  So then I tried to make tripe myself…and it was completely inedible.  It had the texture of […]

Feed The Resistance: Andouille Bread Pudding paired with Fruh Kolsch! This week’s “Tap That” beer of the week is a Kolsch beer from Fruh, so I challenged myself to cook something that would pair nicely with that.  A little internet research told me that a Kolsch would pair nicely with a fruit salad, fish and […]

Feed The Resistance: Pasta & Savory Pumpkin Sauce w/ O’Fallon Pumpkin Beer! Summer is too quickly coming to an end…but there’s good news that comes with that!  With the coming of fall, we get Badger & Packer Football, good hearty food, and great fall beers to wash down that food! When I was told that […]

Feed The Resistance: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale with Tandoori Chicken Wings! Dee’s on vacation this week, so instead of challenging her to find a beer to pair with the dish I made, I challenged myself to make a dish to pair with this week’s “Tap That” Beer of the Week!  It was actually pretty easy, […]

Feed The Resistance: Spicy Beer Shrimp with Rice & Peas is paired with HOP Debauchery from O’SO Brewing Company! This week’s dish is in honor of International BEER Day!  I wanted to do a little cooking with beer, and I wanted to try something new.  I was thinking about beer braised chicken and pork, and […]

Feed The Resistance: Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs with Midnight Toffee Stout from Angry Chair Brewing & Untitled Art! The Wisconsin State Fair opens in West Alice on Thursday, August 4 and runs through Sunday, August 14.  To celebrate fair season, I invited Jen Puente from the Wisconsin State Fair to join us, and to […]

Feed The Resistance: Fromage En Douce is paired with “Duchesse Petite Barrel Aged Sour”   This week is the third and final week of the 2022 Tour de France, so I wanted to go back to France once again with today’s dish.  What I chose was a recipe from a book called “A Culinary Journey […]

Feed The Resistance: Coq au Vin Chicken Meatballs with Commuter Kolsch! We are, once again, in the middle of le Tour de France, so I wanted to do something French this week.  After looking through Julia Child’s famous book, “The Way To Cook,” I decided that Coq au Vin would be a great way to […]

Feed The Resistance: Chicken with Rhubarb Butter is paired with Rubaeus Raspberry Ale from Founders! Fresh from Dee’s garden, we’ve got RHUBARB…TONS OF RHUBARB!  Yes, this is that time of year when, if you’re  not careful you’ll end up being overloaded with rhubarb from the garden of every co-worker, neighbor, friend and family member who […]

Feed The Resistance: The Frenchsicle! This weekend is the first weekend of summer!  So, the plan was to make up one of my favorite summer dishes – the Summertime Salmon Salad.  And then on Wednesday, on the Punk Rock News – Dee read a story about French’s teaming up with a Canadian popsicle company to […]

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