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Feed The Resistance: The One Chip Challenge! With Thanksgiving right around the corner – I had enough to do in the kitchen, so rather than cook, I just grabbed a super-hot chip.  It’s the One Chip Challenge!  One chip comes in a box that is shaped like a coffin.  On the outside of the box, […]

Feed The Resistance: Vegetarian Chili is paired with Carlsberg’s Premium Elephant Pilsner! Our company Chili Cook-off was supposed to happen yesterday…but got cancelled.  I decided to make chili anyway!  I’ve made many variations of this same chili over the years – the key to it is the spice blend.  I found the original recipe in […]

Feed The Resistance: Spicy Lasagna is paired with “Gier Bier” from Mob Craft!   Veterans Day was yesterday, and in honor of that, a couple of great local organizations – The River Food Pantry and Lasagna Love, have been teaming up all this week to deliver home-made lasagna to area veterans!  In honor of that […]

Feed The Resistance: Harvest Hash is paired with Lake Louie Brewing’s “Warped Speed” Scotch Ale! You know all that crappy Candy Corn that you get for Halloween?  Yeah, the stuff that nobody (except my sister) eats!  Well, I found a decent use for it!  Our co-worker Lanette, from our sister-station Magic 98, introduced me to […]

Feed The Resistance: Devils On Horseback Grilled Cheese is Paired With Sierra Nevada Pale Ale! For Halloween this year, I went with the DEVIL theme!  I found this recipe several years ago, and have learned since that there is an hors d’oeuvre called “Devils On Horseback,” which is basically bacon-wrapped dates, stuffed with blue cheese…YUMMY!  […]

Feed The Resistance: Ted Lasso’s Favorite Biscuits are paired with Lakefront Brewery’s Imperial Porter with Coffee & Coconut! Until a couple of week’s ago, I had never heard of “Ted Lasso.”  I learned about the TV series when I saw a post on Facebook about “Ted Lasso’s Biscuits!”  The posted claimed that one bite of […]

Feed The Resistance: Corn Pudding is paired with Narragansett Lager! Monday was Indigenous Peoples Day, so in honor of that, I turned to my wife and asked for a good dish from her tribe.  She suggested Fresh Corn Pudding from an Oneida cookbook called “Three Sisters Cookbook.”  The recipe is incredibly simple – a couple […]

Feed The Resistance: Shrimp Scampi Rolls are paired with Oktoberfest Beer from Vintage! I’m a runner…and a Triathlete.  That runner part of me is always wanting to get back to the Boston Marathon.  I qualified, and ran it, several years ago…and have wanted to go back ever since.  The last couple of years have been […]

Feed The Resistance: Ground Pork Lettuce Wraps with Asparagus, Mushroom & Pickled Rhubarb is paired with Ale Asylum’s “F-Covid” Beer! There’s a new cookbook out called “The Wisconsin Restaurant Cookbook” and in it is a great collection of recipes from restaurants all across Wisconsin.  One of those recipes comes from Dan Fox at Heritage Tavern, […]

Feed The Resistance: Cold Pizza is paired with a New England IPA from Ooga Brewing Co. Yesterday was my birthday…and I love PIZZA…so we’re having Pizza this week!  And we’re doing it up college-style…cold pizza and beer the morning after a late night!  The pizza is homemade with a white sauce and topped with Sablefish, […]

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