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Feed The Resistance: ‘Epoisses Grilled Cheese & Pepper Jelly Sandwich with Voodoo Ranger IPA!   In honor of “American Cheese Month,” I wanted to do a grilled-cheese sandwich, with a bit of a twist…The ‘Epoisses Grilled Cheese and Pepper Jelly Sandwich.  The first twist is trying to figure out how to pronounce “‘Epoisses”…and the cheese […]

Feed The Resistance: Beer-Candied Bacon with Goose Island 312 Lemonade Shandy!   In celebration of American Craft Beer Week, I wanted to create something with beer.  I found an amazingly simple recipe for Beer-Candied Bacon…just a mixture of beer and brown sugar, brushed onto bacon and baked in the oven.  That’s it.  Simple! To add […]

Feed The Resistance: For Mothers’ Day – Summertime Salmon Salad w/ “Fantasy Factory” from Karben4!   With Mothers’ Day right around the corner – I wanted to make something for Mom!  My Mom loves Salmon…although she’s not a terribly adventurous eater, so I’m not sure she’ll like this dish.  But…when I was growing up, the […]

Feed The Resistance: Butter Chicken is paired with “Keep’er Movin’” beer from Ale Asylum!   Twin sisters Michelle and Melissa from the band Macedo were recent guests on “The Resistance Disrupter Series” with Miranda.  Once again, the conversation turned to FOOD!  So for this episode of Feed The Resistance, I tried to recreate the Butter […]

Feed The Resistance: In celebration of 4/20 – Chocolate Chip Cookies are paired with “Hemptails Citrus Gold”   April 20 (4/20) fell on a Wednesday this year, but we kept the party going right up through Friday morning.  In celebration of 4/20, I road-tripped to Rockford on Wednesday…and did some baking when I got home.  […]

Feed The Resistance: Three Cup Chicken is paired with “No, Yeah” beer from Bell’s!   A few weeks back, the marquee outside the Majestic Theater read “Eat the 3 Cup Chicken at Natt Spil…#buylocal.”  So, of course I had to try the 3 cup chicken at Natt Spil…and it was good (really good).  And so […]

Feed The Resistance: Baked Rice-Cake w/ Ham & Cheese…paired with Lucky Buddha Enlightened Beer!   Looking for something to do with Easter Brunch leftovers, I stumbled upon a recipe that I haven’t made in several years – it’s similar to Arancini (deep-fried rice balls), but without the deep-frying…which I CAN’T DO!  I’ve tried…and failed…many times […]

Feed The Resistance: Coconut-Braised Chicken w/Chorizo, Cashews & Currants…Paired with “The Tale of Midnight Bill” Milk Stout from Young Blood Beer Company.   Black Pistol Fire was a recent guest on “The Resistance Disrupter Series” with Miranda.  During the conversation, they talked about food – specifically, a backwoods camping recipe with couscous, chicken, cashews, coconut […]

Feed The Resistance: Vichyssoise (chilled potato soup) is paired with a Nitro Milk Stout from Left Hand Brewing! March is Women’s History Month, which got me thinking about how few of the cookbooks that I have are authored by women.  The one female author that is well represented in my collection is Mollie Katzen – […]

Feed The Resistance: March 19,2021 Guinness Infused Ice Cream and Luscious Stout Caramel Sauce is paired with…GUINNESS! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! (Make sure you listen to the very end…to hear my reaction to doing a shot of Jameson!) In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I did a simple “no-churn” ice cream and as I mixed […]

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