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Feed The Resistance: Cheese & Popcorn! We celebrate a couple of MAJOR holidays this week!  Yesterday was National Popcorn Day, and today is Cheese Lovers Day!  So, I headed the Wisconsin Cheese website to find something fun to cook up for our Friday morning fun!  What I found was a recipe for “Pumpkin-Ricotta Cheesecake with […]

Feed The Resistance: No More New Year’s Resolutions! After doing a vegetarian version of Gumbo last week, my friend Cailynn called me out for taking a great dish like Gumbo…and “making it healthy!”  So – just for you Cailynn – no more New Year’s Resolutions!  At least not for healthy foods – I’m still gonna […]

Feed The Resistance: Meat Free in 23! It’s the start of a new year, and that means people are making their New Year’s Resolutions.  A good chunk of those resolutions will have something to do with being more healthy, a good chunk of THOSE will revolve around eating more healthy, and a good chunk of […]

Feed The Resistance: “Hippie” John for the New Year! It’s an old southern tradition to serve Black Eyed Peas to ring in the new year.  The specific dish, that is said to bring good luck in the new year, is called “Hoppin’ John.”  Today, we dug into the Feed The Resistance archives, for a vegetarian […]

Feed The Resistance: It’s Festivus for the Rest of Us! When I saw on the calendar that today is Festivus, I did a little research to see if there are any traditional foods to serve at your Festivus celebration.  Of course Festivus originated in an old “Seinfeld” episode, in which they celebrated with the “airing […]

Feed The Resistance: Alice in Dairyland Builds a Butter-Board! Just by chance last week I met Taylor Schaefer, the reigning Alice in Dairyland for the state of Wisconsin.  Taylor (Alice) introduced me to the concept of “Butter-Boards.”  The boards intrigued me, so I invited her to come share the concept with the rest of the […]

Feed The Resistance: I Love Olives…and BEER! Another simple dish that will impress your friends at your upcoming holiday parties.  This is a dish that my wife and I made for a Christmas party several years ago, and EVERYBODY loved it!  Usually when that happens, we right down where we found the recipe, so we […]

Feed The Resistance: Smoked Trout Paté is paired with “Holiday” Beer from Potosi! Well, we’re getting into the holiday party season, so this week I wanted to put together a dish that is really simple to prepare, but will impress your friends and coworkers at a holiday gathering.  I found this recipe for Smoked Trout […]

Feed The Resistance: Thanksgiving Leftovers! We dig into the “Feed The Resistance Archives” this week and pull out a recipe that gets prepared at my house twice a year – once for Mardi Gras, and once for Friendsgiving, which we usually celebrate the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Whether or not you celebrate “Friendsgiving,” this Smoked Turkey […]

Feed The Resistance: Cranberry Relish paired with Shiner’s “Holiday Cheer!” Every year, right about this time, my wife and I pull out our copy of Anthony Bourdain’s cookbook “Appetites,” as we get ready for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Bourdain had a special love of Thanksgiving – in the book, he devotes an entire chapter to the […]

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