Feed The Resistance: Andouille Mac & Cheese is paired with “Nice Day” IPA from Third Space Brewing

With the cold weather really setting it, it’s all about “Comfort Food” this week!  When I Googled “Comfort Food,” I found a whole bunch of lists of the the best comfort food dishes…and topping a whole bunch of those lists was Mac & Cheese.  I, of course, wanted to do the Mac & Cheese with a little bit of a twist, so I dug out this recipe for Andouille Mac & Cheese from Food & Wine Magazine.  It’s not a simple recipe, but if you have the time to spend in the kitchen, it’s definitely worth it on a cold Wisconsin night.  Dee brought in “Nice Day” IPA from Third Space Brewing in Milwaukee to pair with the Mac & Cheese.  She chose this particular beer for a couple of reasons – first off, IPA’s generally go good with cheese, and she was not wrong there!  She also chose it for the name – “Nice Day” fits really well with our theme of “Comfort.”