Feed The Resistance: April Fool!

Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, so immediately my mind went to “Mock Apple Pie.”  People of a certain age will remember the recipe from the back of Ritz Cracker boxes, back in the day.  They no longer print the recipe on the box, but with a little online digging, I was able to find the original recipe, that replaces apples with, you guessed it…RITZ CRACKERS!

I’ve never made this recipe before, in fact I’ve never even tasted a “Mock Apple Pie” – but I had to give it a try, and honestly, it’s pretty good!

Dee did a couple of pairings with this one – each going in a totally different direction.  First we tried the pie with “Farmer’s Market Fall” from Young Blood Beer Company, part of their “Saturday Beer” series.  This was an obvious choice, as the beer is brewed with apple, pear and cinnamon.  The second pairing came from 3 Sheeps, it was their “Lightweight Black Wheat Ale” – which, ironically is a much darker beer.