Feed The Resistance: BBQ Brats!

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the summer season around here, and Brats are the unofficial food of the summer season.  So naturally, we’re cooking BRATS!  Meatless brats in this case…and I know some will argue that there’s no such thing as a “meatless” brat – not to worry, this will work just fine using a “real” brat!  The BBQ Brat Sliders come together very easily – just cut your brat in half, and then slice each half lengthwise and grill them, split side down for a few minutes, flip them over, brush a little BBQ sauce on top, grill for another couple of minutes, flip again and put some BBQ sauce on top – and grill it for another minute or so.  The finished brats get put on a pretzel slider bun with a little slaw and pickled onions.  DELISH!

To pair with the sliders – Dee brought in a Strawberry Pineapple Wheat beer from Great Lakes Brewing!  The BBQ sauce that I made, was a Red Wine sauce, so the strawberry in the beer played nicely with the red wine in the sauce.

Feed The Resistance is thanks to Brennan’s Market…Make your gatherings memorable with Brennan’s!