Feed The Resistance: A Celebration of Summer! Chilled Mango Soup is Paired With Sprecher’s “Abbey Triple!”


Summer official starts on Sunday – so today we celebrate the coming of summer!  More than anything, I love the name of this soup – it’s a chilled fruit soup made with mango, coconut milk and serrano pepper…and it’s called “A Bowl of Mango Sunshine!”  And that’s exactly what it is – Sunshine in a bowl!  This is the perfect chilled soup for those 90+ degree days that we’ve already seen several of, and summer hasn’t even officially started yet.  This couldn’t be any simpler to make – it’s mango (I cheat, and buy frozen mango chunks – that way I don’t have to try to cut up an actual mango), coconut milk, milk, lime juice, salt, honey, mint leaves and serrano pepper all mixed up in a food processor, and then chilled.  Done!  Dee paired the soup with the “Abbey Triple” from Sprecher that we got from The Meat Market in Middleton!  The beer perfectly cut the heat from the pepper.