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Feed The Resistance: February 12, 2021

Chocolate Mousse is paired with Samuel Smith’s Organic Strawberry Fruit Ale


The story behind this dish goes back a few years and a private cooking class that my wife and I took in Lyon, France, when we were there for the Tour de France.  We spent an afternoon in the kitchen cooking and drinking with a French chef.  We prepared a 3-course meal, and this was the final course.  Chocolate Mousse!!!

A few days back, I found the recipe, hand-written on a scrap of paper…in FRENCH!  Over the weekend we did our best to translate the notes, and messed it up bad.  Last night, we gave it another shot…and it turned out perfectly!!!

Here’s the notes – if you can read French, have at it…

The mousse recipe is on the right side of the sheet – on the left is a dish that the chef called “Brains of the Fisherman” – if you can figure that one out, please let me know!!!

Dee paired the mousse with an organic Strawberry Fruit Ale from Samuel Smith – and they worked together PERFECTLY!  The other beer pictured here is an organic Chocolate Stout, also from Samuel Smith.  Dee suggests mixing the two of them together for the perfect Valentine’s Day drink!


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