Feed The Resistance: Clean Out The Freezer Week!

After the long holiday weekend last weekend, my brain wasn’t being too creative – so, this week became a “clean out the freezer” week at the Gallagher house.  It’s just my wife and me, with no kids, so we often have lots of leftovers that get frozen and brought out at times like this.  When we do bring out that leftover food, we try to use it in a little different way – and this dish is something that we do quite often with leftover chorizo and leftover shrimp.  There’s no recipe here, we just wing it!  First we cook up some Israeli Couscous.  While that is cooking, we throw some chorizo in a frying pan and start cooking that up too.  As the chorizo gets close to done, we toss in a little shrimp and keep cooking until the shrimp is done.  Finally, we pour that chorizo and shrimp mixture over the top of the couscous and maybe grate a little parmesan cheese over the top of that.

To pair with my Israeli Couscous with Shrimp and Chorizo – Dee chose an IPA from Raised Grain Brewing Company called “Shrinkage!”  Dee often pairs IPAs with both spicy foods and with seafood – since this dish was a little of both of those things, it worked perfectly!

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