Feed The Resistance: Diamond Dogs Soccer

My thought process went all over the place this week.  Kiernan was in for Dee last week, and Kiernan is our lead designer, and I’m our model for The Resistance team at the Madison Reading ProjectsReady To Wear” fashion show on June 14 at The Sylvee.  Kiernan used David Bowie as her inspiration for my outfit.  I thought of this too late to do last week – but I thought it would be fun to use a David Bowie song as inspiration for some food, and my wife thought that song should be Diamond Dogs – and I could make hot dogs.  And here’s where my inspiration takes a bit of a turn.  Last week was also when the folks at Forward Madison announced that they are looking to bring another professional soccer team into Madison – a top level women’s team.  So I decided to try to recreate a hot dog that they served at Forward Madison games the first year or two of the team – the Sujeo Super Dog!

The Super Dog was the creation of Chef Tory Miller, and it featured a grilled  or fried all-beef frank on a rye bun with sesame seeds, the dog was topped with cream cheese, kimchi, gochujang sauce, kewpie mayo, crispy shallot and scallions.  I found several recipes for gochujang sauce online – the version that they made at Breese Stevens Field had gochujang paste, water, mirin, toasted sesame seeds and toasted sesame oil.  Of course they made a few metric tons at a time, so I had to scale things down a bit – to do that, I used their ingredients, but at the levels from one of those recipes that I found online.

Dee picked One Barrel’s “Door County Trolley Red Cherry Lager” to pair with the Super Dog.  It worked perfectly, bringing out some of the more subtle flavors of the kimchi and gochujang sauce!

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