Feed The Resistance: Fromage En Douce is paired with “Duchesse Petite Barrel Aged Sour”


This week is the third and final week of the 2022 Tour de France, so I wanted to go back to France once again with today’s dish.  What I chose was a recipe from a book called “A Culinary Journey in Gascony” by Kate Ratliffe.  I actually found the book at a library sale a couple of years ago.  She tells about her adventures moving to France, buying a river-boat and then turning that boat into a business, hosting tourists for journeys down the river in the southwestern part of France.  Along the way she shares recipes for the food she shared on those journeys.  The dish I made for today is a very simple cheese dish called Fromage En Douce, which is basically Goat Cheese with Armagnac Brandy and Honey.  She explains that in French “en douce” means “on the sly” and of course “fromage” is cheese, so basically the name of this dish means “cheese on the sly.”

Dee chose to pair this week’s “Tap That” Beer of the Week with this dish.  The beer is Duchesse Petite Barrel Aged Sour Ale, and as usual, it worked perfectly!