Feed The Resistance: Harvest Hash is paired with Lake Louie Brewing’s “Warped Speed” Scotch Ale!

You know all that crappy Candy Corn that you get for Halloween?  Yeah, the stuff that nobody (except my sister) eats!  Well, I found a decent use for it!  Our co-worker Lanette, from our sister-station Magic 98, introduced me to Harvest Hash last week…and I LOVE IT!  It’s really easy to make…and it tastes GREAT – even the Candy Corn is good in this!  The recipe calls for Bugles, Rice Chex,  and Pretzels.  That stuff all gets mixed together…and then a syrup made with melted butter, brown sugar and vanilla extract is added before it’s all baked in the oven for about 45 minutes.  When it comes out of the oven, you add Reece’s Pieces, Candy Corn and some of that pumpkin shaped candy corn (which I skipped, because it just seemed like too much) and mix it all up.  Let it all cool…and that’s it…DONE!

Dee paired it all with the Warped Speed Scotch Ale from Lake Louie…and we spent the morning munching on Chex Mix…and drinking beer!