Feed The Resistance: I Love Olives…and BEER!

Another simple dish that will impress your friends at your upcoming holiday parties.  This is a dish that my wife and I made for a Christmas party several years ago, and EVERYBODY loved it!  Usually when that happens, we right down where we found the recipe, so we can find it again.  For some reason, we didn’t do that this time.  So, I did a little search and found several recipes pretty similar to what we made that Christmas.  A couple of the recipes that we found that came the closest to what we remember were from Bon Appétit magazine…and from Food & Wine magazine.  For today’s dish I took a look at those two recipes and one other that I found in a cookbook at home, and picked what I liked from each of them for the marinade.

Dee had two ideas for today’s pairing – Belgian Quad from MobCraft…and Blue Moon.  In the end, we felt like the Blue Moon worked better with the Olives.