Feed The Resistance: It’s Festivus for the Rest of Us!

When I saw on the calendar that today is Festivus, I did a little research to see if there are any traditional foods to serve at your Festivus celebration.  Of course Festivus originated in an old “Seinfeld” episode, in which they celebrated with the “airing of grievances”…”feats of strength”…the completely unadorned “Festivus aluminum pole”…and to eat, they served meatloaf.  So, meatloaf would be the obvious dish for your Festivus celebration, but I found in my search that lots of traditions have popped up around the idea of Festivus.  One of the dishes that I found was the Festivus Chocolate Salami.  The recipe was originally published in a book by Allen Salkin, titled “Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us,” it was developed with help from Saveur Magazine’s senior editor Gabriella Gershenson and her mother, Anna Gershenson.  The recipe was eventually reprinted in Saveur, alongside an article titled “Yes, Virginia, There is a Festivus Salami.”

Of course the Festivus salami is not a traditional salami at all, it’s a whole bunch of CHOCOLATE!  So I love it!  The beer that Dee chose to pair with all that chocolate comes from Karben4.  It’s the 2022 edition of their “Priest, Prophet & King,” a barrel-aged barley wine ale.