Feed The Resistance: Julia Child’s Chilled Cucumber Soup!

This might seem a little odd, but in honor of this week’s American Family Children’s Hospital Radiothon, I made a “Chilled Cucumber Soup.”

O.K. – here’s how I got there.  My initial idea was to make something for the KIDS, but all that was coming to mind was desserts, and we’ve done a lot of desserts lately.  So, I took things in a totally different direction, and went for a recipe from Julia CHILD (CHILDREN’S Hospital…Julia CHILD).  Over the years I have found several of her recipes that I really like, but this one just feels SUMMERY – and since we’re getting to that season, I thought this was a great way to go.  The soup is filled with fresh herbs and veggies, and can actually be served either hot or cold – but as I said, I’m thinking SUMMER – so chilled it is!

I really didn’t tell Dee much about the soup before we met up, so she was kinda shooting in the dark, but she hit the target perfectly with “Notorious H.O.P.” from Hop Haus Brewing Company!  The juicy, fruity flavor of the beer worked perfectly with the fresh veggies in the soup!


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