Feed The Resistance: Madison Night Mares!

Madison has a new women’s softball team!  The Madison Night Mares open their inaugural season at Warner Park on Sunday!  Like the Madison Mallards, the team is made up of college players on their summer break from school.  Also like the Mallards, you can expect lots of fun at the ballpark when the Night Mares play!  This week, we invited Sam Rubin, the team’s General Manager, and a couple of players, Dani Lucey and Kendall Weik, to come in and tell us a little about the team…and share some food and drink with us!  In honor of the “Night Mares,” I made, what sounds like a scary dish, but it’s actually quite tasty – “Devils On Horseback” grilled cheese sandwiches.  I actually made these sandwiches a while back, but I put a little twist on them this time – instead of bacon, I used Pancetta this time around – and again, they turned out FANTASTIC!  Last time, Dee paired the sandwiches with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, this time around she went with an English Mild Ale from Revolution Brewing in Chicago, called “Working Man.”  While the pairing was good – both of us second guessed ourselves later.  Dee thought that Fantasy Factory might taste better with the sandwich, and Fantasy Factory has a horse on the can, so it would work better with today’s theme.  I thought that the sandwich might work even better with the Whiskey Bacon Jam that I made a few weeks ago, instead of the crispy Pancetta – I’m gonna try that at home tonight – I’ll report back next week.

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