Feed The Resistance: Princess Pamela’s Pork Spoon Bread is paired with “Chicken Dance” Double Rye IPA from Lake Louie!

Throughout the month of February (Black History Month), we’re putting the spotlight on some great black chefs.  This week we take a look at a mysterious woman known as “Princess Pamela.”  She was born in South Carolina, and eventually brought Soul Food to New York City via her tiny restaurant called Princess Pamela’s Little Kitchen.  After the Little Kitchen closed, she opened Princess’ Southern Touch, which became a favorite of several celebrities, including Pearl Bailey, Tom Wolfe and Gloria Steinem.  Southern Touch closed in 1998, and Princess Pamela disappeared, without a trace.  Way back in 1969 she put together “Princess Pamela’s Soul Food Cookbook,” a collection of recipes from her restaurants and throughout her life.  After being out of print for 45 years, the cookbook was recently rereleased, and in that new version of the book, I found her recipe for Pork Spoon Bread.

As you might expect from a soul food cookbook – the pork spoon bread made for a good hearty meal.  Dee picked the “Chicken Dance” Double Rye IPA from Lake Louie to go with it – figuring that the Rye would be a good match to the soul food.