Feed The Resistance: Roman-style Tripe is paired with Four Phantoms’ American Blonde Ale!


The first time I ate Tripe was at Pig In A Fur Coat, and amazing restaurant on Willy Street, and the dish was AMAZING!  So then I tried to make tripe myself…and it was completely inedible.  It had the texture of shoe leather…and it tasted like shoe leather (not that I’ve ever eaten shoe leather).  So I thought I’d give it one more try, this time I made a Roman-style Tripe.  This could be a really nice meal to welcome Dee back from her globe-trotting adventures…or it could be payback to Dee for leaving us for three weeks!  It turned out somewhere in-between.  We all agreed that the flavor was good, but Dee really couldn’t deal with the texture of the dish.

Like I said, the flavor was good…and paired quite nicely with the Four Phantoms American Blonde Ale that Dee brought in.