Feed The Resistance: Shrimp Linguine

I saw a story last week about Travis Kelce, and in the story he revealed his “go-to dish for date nights.”  So, I thought – why not give it a try?  It obviously works for Travis – he’s dating Taylor Swift after all.  For date night, Travis says he make Shrimp Linguine with spicy lemon garlic.  That reminded me of a dish that I found many years ago for Squid and Fennel Pasta with Lemon and Herbs.  The first time I made the dish, I made it with squid, but then decided that it would be easier to replace the squid with shrimp – and it works beautifully!  It’s also a fairly easy dish to make – cook the shrimp in a little olive oil and set it aside.  Then you slice the fennel up and cook it in the same oil that you used for the shrimp (or squid – if that’s what you’re using), and finally add a little garlic and red pepper flakes.  Next you cook up your pasta and add it, and a little of the pasta water to fennel, and finally add the shrimp back in.

To pair with the Shrimp Linguine – Dee chose the “Big Smile” Imperial IPA from Hop Valley Brewing.  This is a very strong beer – 9.2% ABV, and very hoppy.  It was an interesting (and GREAT) pairing, as the pasta actually mellowed out the hoppiness of the beer and made it a little smoother.

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