Feed The Resistance: Smoky Paella w/Shrimp & Squid…paired with Bell’s “Bright White”

Several years ago, Chef Jose Andres started World Central Kitchen.  The mission of World Central Kitchen is to feed people in areas that are in crises…humanitarian, climate and community crises.  The organization was started after the earthquake in Haiti, back in 2010 – members of World Central Kitchen actually show up in those disaster-struck areas and feed the people.  Currently WCK is working hard to feed the people in Ukraine.

There have been several local efforts to support the organization – hats off to Culvers, last week, several locations donated profits to WCK.  Local cartoonist John Kovolic has designed a t-shirt and poster to raise money for the cause as well, and I’m sure more people and organizations will be joining the efforts to help.

For my little tribute to the work of World Central Kitchen, I found a recipe for Smoky Paella with Shrimp and Squid, from Chef Jose Andres.  To pair with the Paella, Dee chose a Belgian-inspired Wheat Ale from Bell’s, called Bright White.