Feed The Resistance: Summer’s Here!

Summer is finally, officially here! To celebrate the start of summer, I wanted to make a nice chilled soup. This particular chilled soup is one that I have never made before…but it blows all others out of the water! It’s a Chilled Peach Soup with Fresh Goat Cheese. Of course I went with those AMAZING chin-dripping peaches from Brennan’s. There’s also some seedless cucumber, yellow bell pepper, dried apricots, honey, crumbled goat cheese, garlic, olive oil and white balsamic vinegar…plus a few garnishes. While that might sound like a lot, it comes together really easily – pretty much everything gets blended up together until it’s smooth and then put in the fridge until it’s good & chilled. And it’s DELICIOUS!

To pair with the soup, Dee picked a Honey Hefeweizen from Karben4, called “The Beer Is BEE-NANAS.”  Karben4 teamed up with the folks at Honey Bee Cannabis for this one…and it worked absolutely perfectly with the soup!

Feed The Resistance is thanks to Brennan’s Market…Make your gatherings memorable with Brennan’s!