Feed The Resistance: Ted Lasso’s Favorite Biscuits are paired with Lakefront Brewery’s Imperial Porter with Coffee & Coconut!

Until a couple of week’s ago, I had never heard of “Ted Lasso.”  I learned about the TV series when I saw a post on Facebook about “Ted Lasso’s Biscuits!”  The posted claimed that one bite of the biscuits “will make you happy as a goldfish!”

O.K. – I’m convinced, I gotta learn more.  Who is this Ted Lasso?  What’s so amazing about his biscuits?  Why do I care?

I still haven’t seen the show, but I’m a little obsessed with it.  From what I have read, Ted is an American football coach, who somehow ends up in Europe coaching soccer.  Ted is also a very happy-go-lucky guy, and he loves these biscuits!  And I do too!

The biscuits are pretty much shortbread cookies, so when Dee and I were talking about them a couple of days ago, she suggested that we might pair them with a chocolate stout…I later thought that a beer with coffee notes would also work (even though I don’t like coffee).  The beer that Dee eventually settled on is from the “My Turn” series from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee.  With this series, the employees at Lakefront get to make a beer – this particular beer was created by Ryan, who made an Imperial Porter with Coffee & Coconut.

Yep – we were right, the coffee flavors in that beer work really well with the biscuits!