Feed The Resistance: The Frenchsicle!

This weekend is the first weekend of summer!  So, the plan was to make up one of my favorite summer dishes – the Summertime Salmon Salad.  And then on Wednesday, on the Punk Rock News – Dee read a story about French’s teaming up with a Canadian popsicle company to create a ketchup popsicle, or as they called it “The Frenchsicle!”  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the Frenchsicle is only available in Canada, but French’s was kind enough put the recipe up on their website.  So, change in plans – I’m making FRENCHSICLES!  You should still go home tonight and make up a batch of the Summertime Salmon Salad, because it’s delicious!

Because the Frenchsicle has kind of a “Bloody Mary” feel to it, Dee paired it with a Bud Light – think of it as the beer chaser with your bloody.