Feed The Resistance: Vegan Summer Succotash is paired with “Punk AF” from Brewdog Brewery!


We gave ourselves a bit of a challenge this week…No Alcohol…and No Meat!  For the meat-free dish, I went with one of my favorite summertime recipes – Vegan Summer Succotash.  As Dee pointed out, this recipe uses all kinds of good things from the garden…tomatoes, corn, zucchini, onion and more!  It’s also really simple to make – sauté the onions for a bit in some coconut oil, then add the zucchini…and then the corn, tomatoes and the lima beans…then season it all and you’re pretty much done!  Dee paired the succotash with a great NA beer from the Brewdog Brewery in Ohio – “Punk AF.”


…and I wanted to add this picture, from the Resistance studio wall – just because it goes with that vegetarian theme…
(look at the helmets)