Feed The Resistance: Vegetarian Chili is paired with Carlsberg’s Premium Elephant Pilsner!

Our company Chili Cook-off was supposed to happen yesterday…but got cancelled.  I decided to make chili anyway!  I’ve made many variations of this same chili over the years – the key to it is the spice blend.  I found the original recipe in a magazine ad several years back – it calls for a blend of Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Cumin, Oregano, Basil, Sugar, Salt and Seasoned Pepper.  The original version of this was vegetarian and also has 3 different beans (black, white and red chili beans) along with onions, green pepper and tomatoes.  When I make a meat version, I double up on the spice blend and mix one batch in with the meat as I cook that, and add the rest when I put the rest of the chili together.

Dee chose Carlsberg’s Premium Elephant Pilsner to go with the chili…and it was an excellent choice.

We also talked about the One Chip Challenge that’s been going viral on Tik Tok – the challenge is to eat the Paqui Carolina Reaper & Scorpion Pepper Chip.  For our company chili cook-off, we put the challenge out to the bosses to eat the chip (hey, maybe that’s the real reason it got cancelled).  In the end, when the cook-off was cancelled, the bosses didn’t have to eat the chip…and to be fair, both Dee and I chickened out too.  Maybe we’ll give it a try next time 🙂

Oh, and by the way – Chili has beans in it (see, they’re called “Chili Beans”)…   


And here’s the box to the One Chip Challenge (still not opened)… Maybe next time!