Written by on March 18, 2022

Feed The Resistance: Watergate Salad is paired with Coffee Stout from New Glarus Brewing Company!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to make something GREEN – so of course, my mind naturally went to that green salad that was on the table at every picnic in Wisconsin, all summer long, every summer, back in the day.  I just found out recently that the salad (I don’t know why it’s considered a “salad”) is called “Watergate Salad.”  If you don’t remember it from your childhood – it’s the stuff with Cool Whip, Pistachio Instant Pudding mix, Crushed Pineapples, Mini Marshmallows and Chopped Pecans.  That’s it – just mix that stuff up, and you’ve got a real taste sensation! (you know, if you’re a 10 year-old).

Making it as an adult, I had to laugh, when I went to open the can of crushed pineapples – there were instructions on the top of the can, telling me HOW to open the can…

After I got the can open, the rest is pretty simple…

Just mix them all together, and this is what you get…

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