Joywave Live Countdown

Joywave just released their new Live (līv) album called Live (liv) on July 29th!

Join them for a special program where they will host a countdown of their new album. Yes – the “snarky” Joywave is alive and well… right down to the title of the show   “The All-American Sunday Night Chart Topper Countdown”- which we know this may not necessarily run on a Sunday Night. But, in Joywave fashion- that is the intent.

Enjoy the music and humor of Joywave when this special airs right after their show (11pm) at The Sylvee with iDKHOW on Saturday, August 27th! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

About their new song: “We Are All We Need”

This was a difficult one to write because it required admitting to myself that I was carrying around a giant chip on my shoulder. It took us so many years to get Joywave off the ground. I attribute a large portion of that to being from Rochester, New York and staying there (52nd largest metro area in the US!). For many years, I was resentful of people who had success at a young age or those who I felt like hadn’t put in the work, but were having better/faster results than we were. And there was a bitterness in my personal life as well, left over from anyone who ever told me I couldn’t do something or made fun of me growing up.

 You hear those types of things enough times and you form a prickly, sarcastic shell as a defense mechanism. Sure it can be funny or entertaining sometimes, but eventually you have to let some of that go or it’ll eat you alive inside. This song is an admission of that crossed with a celebration that I still get to do what I love with people that I love. “We are all we need/ We got them other boys talking nervously/ We are all we need/ We got ‘em all to take a swing with jealousy.” It’s the soundtrack to Paul, Joey, and I becoming friends in my first car (not dissimilar from the one featured on the record cover) when we were teenagers driving around Greece, NY with nothing but time.” – Daniel Armbruster