New Linkin Park

Linkin Park has released a teaser for a new, unreleased song from the One More Light 2017 sessions called "Friendly Fire"!

Listen to a sample here:

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Assembling an essential collection of generational anthems, LINKIN PARK will present their first-ever career-spanning greatest hits album entitled Papercuts (Singles Collection 2000-2023) on April 12th via Warner Records.

The fan enthusiasm and fervor for both Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition) in 2020 and Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition) last year ultimately inspired the band to curate and carefully piece together what would become Papercuts. It offers a comprehensive retrospective of their journey so far in the span of one album highlighted by everything from “Crawling” and “Somewhere I Belong” to the sought-after rarity “QWERTY.”

In addition to the classics, LINKIN PARK uncovered the never-before-released track “Friendly Fire.” Recorded during the 2017 sessions for their seventh album One More Light, it features a powerhouse vocal performance from the late Chester Bennington. Cinematic keys and a delicate beat underline emotionally charged verses as humming guitar uplifts the introspective chorus, “We’re pulling apart for no reason, we’re pulling a trigger in a useless war…what are we fighting for.” It embodies the style, soul, and spirit of classic LP.

About “Friendly Fire” Brad Delson added, “‘Friendly Fire’ was always one of our favorite songs from the One More Light sessions. Something about it wasn’t quite right so as close as it got to the finish line, we chose to set it aside for later. When we started looking for an unreleased track to include on our greatest hits collection, I was blown away by the power of the song, the power of the storytelling, the power of the vocal, the sonic landscape and I actually thought that it was closer than maybe we had realized at the time.

We got together to work on it and connect some of the missing pieces that for whatever reason hadn’t revealed themselves during the recording of One More Light. I can’t wait for people to hear it. It’s such a beautiful, compelling, heartbreaking, hopeful story and it really resonates with me today.”

Said Mike Shinoda, “In the making of each Linkin Park album, I want to love and believe in each individual song completely. I hope that if any one track is heard on its own in the world, it is something I can feel proud of, and something that takes root inside the listener and becomes part of the energy that connects us.

Curating the tracks for Papercuts was a joy. Each song in this collection is both a singular moment on our timeline and an evolving story that is as much ours as it is yours. From our first release ‘One Step Closer’ to the brand-new ‘Friendly Fire,’ this tracklist spans all our chapters so far. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We hope you enjoy Papercuts.”

Additionally, “In The End” just achieved a Diamond Certification (10x Million) from the RIAA. It stands out as the band’s most-streamed song with over 1.8 billion Spotify streams and 1.7 billion YouTube views on the music video. This marks their first Diamond Certification for a single. It notably graces the tracklisting of their 12x-platinum Diamond-Certified full-length debut, Hybrid Theory.

In 2023, LINKIN PARK unleashed Meteora 20th Anniversary Edition. It soared to #1 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums Chart, Top Rock Albums Chart, Top Catalog Albums Chart, and Top Vinyl Albums Chart in addition to landing in the Top 3 of the Top Album Sales Chart and vaulting into the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 at #8. Not to mention, the single “Lost” took flight as the biggest rock song of 2023 and earned the “first #1 debut on Billboard’s Rock & Alternative Airplay Chart in over a decade!” Simultaneously, it became the band’s highest-charting Billboard Hot 100 entry since 2012, bowing at #38! Thus far, it has amassed over 166 million Spotify streams and 78 million YouTube views on the stunning music video.

Papercuts arrives April 12th!

PAPERCUTS (Singles Collection 2000-2023) Tracklisting:

1. Crawling

2. Faint

3. Numb/Encore

4. Papercut

5. Breaking The Habit

6. In The End

7. Bleed It Out

8. Somewhere I Belong

9. Waiting For The End

10. Castle Of Glass

11. One More Light

12. Burn It Down

13. What I’ve Done


15. One Step Closer

16. New Divide

17. Leave Out All The Rest

18. Lost

19. Numb

20. Friendly Fire

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