The High Five

Tune in Fridays at 5pm as Ebo counts down the High Five – the 5 highest rated songs of the week, determined by YOUR ratings! YOU have a say in every song we play!

High Five – (9/18/20) 5 Top Songs of the Week

  • 1

    Leave Me Alone


  • 2

    I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

    My Chemical Romance

  • 3

    Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

    Cage The Elephant

  • 4

    Miss You

    Paper Jackets

  • 5

    Someone Else

    Rezz and Grabbitz

Rate songs by texting a number 1-5 and either an M or an L to the number 1-608-321-1067

1 = hate it
5 = love it
M = want to hear it MORE
L = want to hear it LESS

So, texting 5M tells us you love that song and want to hear it more. 1L would mean you hate it and want to hear it less.

Earn points every time you rate a song! Then you can spend those points on the auction to score concert tickets, gift cards, and more! Not a Member yet? Click HERE to join for FREE and get rewarded for your opinion!

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