Feed The Resistance: Back To School Taco Pie!

With school starting up again this week, my mind went back to my college days, and in particular – what we ate in college.  Pizza.  Mac & Cheese.  Ramen. Tacos.  That’s pretty much it!  Well, actually Pizza and Beer, Mac & Cheese and Beer, Ramen and Beer, and of course…Tacos and Beer!  A couple of years ago, in a Food & Wine Magazine, I found a recipe for Taco Pie, so that’s what I made today.  I followed the recipe for the most part – but I did cut back on the cayenne just a bit, and I will admit to using a store-bought crust.  I also added some potatoes into the filling – but other than those adjustments, it’s pretty much straight from the Food & Wine Magazine recipe.

To pair with the Taco Pie, Dee is still on an Oktoberfest kick, so this time we drank a little “These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty” Oktoberfest from One Barrel Brewing Company!  The pairing worked well, but would have worked even better if I had not cut back on the spices in the pie.

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