Feed The Resistance: Grilled Cheese-Off!

O.K. – this was Dee’s brilliant idea.  It’s a grilled cheese-off.  We each made a fancy grilled cheese sandwich, and then Dee paired the sandwiches with beer.  The beers she picked were both from Hinterland – a Door County Cherry Wheat American Wheat Ale…and a Blueberry Wheat.  Dee’s grilled cheese was made with Bread & Butter Pickles, along with 3 types of cheese…Pepper-Jack, Havarti and Gouda, plus Roma Tomatoes and Bacon Jam.  My sandwich has Goat Cheese, with a little Honey mixed in to sweeten it up a bit, plus Prosciutto, Arugula, and Mango Chutney!

Both sandwiches were great…and all of the beer was great.  But then you can’t really go wrong with grilled cheese and beer!

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