Feed The Resistance: Guerrilla Cookies paired with Boston Cream Dream from MOB Craft!

The Willy Street Fair is this weekend, so I wanted to take a look back at Madison’s “Hippy” past.  The Guerrilla Cookie goes back to the days when there were almost daily anti-war protests on campus and in downtown Madison.  The cookies were sold at the Mifflin Street Coop – a small grocery coop that stood on the corner of Mifflin and North Bassett Streets.  Over the years, the cookie has become legendary, with the creator taking the recipe to his grave.  Since the coop closed, people have been trying to figure out the recipe, and articles about the cookie have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Wisconsin Alumni Association‘s website, among others.  I used mostly this recipe, with a little bit of what I found in the Chicago Tribune recipe.

For the pairing, Dee chose “Boston Cream Dream” from MOB Craft.