Feed The Resistance: Minocqua Beer and More!

With Dee out of the office this week, and Kiernan filling in, I decided to turn the tables a little and start with the beer – and match a food to the beer.  And to make it easy on everyone – the food that I chose is PIZZA!  Because everybody loves pizza…and pizza and beer pretty much always go together.

We chose a beer from Minocqua Brewing Company this time out, because they have been in the news a lot lately, as some folks are trying to get the brewery shut down.  The Beer we picked is called “Love Wins” – it’s a Pineapple Mango Fruited Sour Ale, and it was brewed in collaboration with Equity Vines, a cause-based wine company.  This particular collaboration celebrates the Supreme Court decision that gave us marriage equality.

Since we’re talking about a beer that was brewed to celebrate a cause, I thought that it’s only right to go with some food that is also cause-based.  Sips & Slices is a pizza party for The River Food Pantry on Sunday, October 1 at Garver Feed Mill.  Local radio, television, sports and political personalities will be teaming up with local chefs to create pizzas.  Ian’s Pizza will be cooking up the pizzas, and you are invited to come try them…and vote (with your dollars) for your favorite!  For Sips & Slices, I will be teaming up with Jesse, the chef at Mid-Town Pub in Middleton.  We got together last week to plan out what we wanted to do with our pizza, and came up with several ideas.  Jesse cooked up our ideas the other night and we did a little taste test at Mid-Town.  And I brought in the leftovers to share this morning.