Feed The Resistance: Veggie Burgers!

Yesterday was National Burger Day, so I grabbed my favorite Veggie Burger recipe from my favorite vegetarian website – OlivesForDinner.com.  The burgers are made primarily from Farrow and Beets – I follow the recipe almost exactly as written, but I also put a few Baby Bella Mushrooms into the food processor and mix that in with the rest of the ingredients, I feel like that gives it a bit more of a meaty texture.

For her part, Dee was already in Oktoberfest mode, so she brought in Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, which paired really nicely with the burgers, and especially the Kimchi Mayo that topped the burgers.

We also talked a little bit about our upcoming Pizza Competition to benefit The River Food Pantry – Dee and I are on competing teams at the Sips & Slices Pizza Party Taste-Off on Sunday, October 1 at Garver Feed Mill.  Learn more and get your tickets at RiverFoodPantry.org

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