Feed The Resistance: Beer Chocolate Truffles!

As Grand Marshall of the 2023 Madison St. Patrick’s Day Parade – I believe it’s my duty to decide when the party starts!  With that in mind, we’re starting the party about a week and a half early this year!  The dish that I made this morning isn’t strictly a St. Patrick’s Day dish, or even necessarily an Irish dish – but I did find in in an article on Food 52 called “31 St. Patrick’s Day Treats We’d Be Lucky to Feast On.”  What I made today is “Beer Chocolate Truffles” – and to make them just a little bit Irish, I made them with Guinness!

The obvious beer pairing for the Beer Chocolate Truffles made with Guinness, would of course be GUINNESS.  So, Dee went a different direction.  Dee actually brought in two different beers for us to try.  She always tells me that when pairing beer and food you either look for similar or contrasting flavors – so she did one of each.  On the contrasting side, we have “Pulp Culture” – a Hazy IP from Working Draft, and on the similar side we have “Kong’s Garage Band” – an Imperial Stout from Bevy.