Feed The Resistance: Thin Mint Stuffed Oreos!

The Madison St. Patrick’s Day parade is on Sunday around the Capital Square (have I mentioned that I’m the Grand Marshall?)…and Girl Scout Cookie Season has arrived in Madison!  I wanted to do something to celebrate both of those things – so of course I turned to Thin Mints for inspiration.  I’m guessing that there is actually nothing Irish about Thin Mints, but mint is green, so I have declared it to be the most Irish of all of the Girl Scout Cookies.

I found many recipes using Thin Mints, but the one that intrigued me most was Thin Mint Stuffed Oreos!

A week or two ago, we were talking about the fact that IPAs pair very nicely with anything chocolate, so Dee brought in “Disaster Artist” Hazy Oat IPA from Karben4!