Feed The Resistance: Brandy Old Fashioned Jam in honor of Taste of Madison!


Dee was out this week, so I invited Sara, from Madison Festivals to join me and talk about the upcoming Taste of Madison!  I thought that since we were talking about Taste of Madison, I should prepare a very “Madison/Wisconsin” dish to serve.  I found the recipe for “Brandy Old Fashioned Jam” on a blog called “Wisconsin From Scratch,” the brainchild of another Sarah, who lives here in Madison!

Since Dee is the beer expert, I had no idea what to pair this with, so I just grabbed a beer from the fridge – it was sorta like a Brandy Old Fashioned, with a beer chaser, ’cause you know, there’s not enough alcohol in a Brandy Old Fashioned.  My wife had the wonderful idea of serving the jam with a little Blue Cheese, and that worked beautifully!