Feed The Resistance: Cheese…with Alice in Dairyland!

It seems like the whole world is mad about college basketball this time of year…but not Alice in Dairyland.  Alice is mad about Wisconsin Cheese…and she’s put together her very own Wisconsin Artisan Cheese Brackets, patterned after those basketball brackets we’re all familiar with.  The brackets started with 8 great Wisconsin cheeses, and through online voting, they are down to the final 2…Cheese Curds and Colby Jack.  You can vote for your favorite on the Alice in Dairyland Facebook and Instagram pages.

This week, Dee and I had the opportunity to talk with Alice about the brackets and Wisconsin cheese!  We also got to try some of the cheese, which Dee paired with a couple of great Wisconsin beers – “Contorter Porter” from Ale Asylum, and “Minnesconsin” from Hop & Barrel Brewing Company.