Feed The Resistance: Top Chef Wisconsin!

The new season of Top Chef premiered earlier this week!  The current season was shot here in Wisconsin, in Madison, Milwaukee and Door County.  It’s had foodies around the state guessing at what the challenges might be – obviously they’ll do something with cheese, probably a Door County Fish Boil, and of course – something with the Dane County Farmers’ Market!  Top Chef Wisconsin features a new host, Kristen Kish, who is a former Top Chef champion!  In honor of Top Chef coming to Wisconsin…and the new host, I made one of the recipes that Kristen made famous when she was a Top Chef contestant… “Apple Pie à la Mode Ice Cream Sandwiches!”  Basically, it’s an Ice Cream Sandwich, made with home-made sugar cookies, dipped in cinnamon sugar.  The filling starts with vanilla ice cream, from there, you make a basic apple-pie filling and cook that to the point where it’s starting to caramelize.  Let the filling cool completely, mix it in with the ice cream and put it between two of those amazing cookies!

To pair with the ice cream sandwiches, Dee brought in a beer that she likes to use to make Beer Floats – Warsteiner Dunkel.  The beer worked particularly well with the cinnamon sugar in the cookies…with the sweetness of the cookie complimenting the malts in the beer perfectly!