Feed The Resistance: Chocolate Pudding Shots!

O.K. – here’s the story behind this one.  Last Friday, I went to Oregon Summerfest to see The eMpTy Vees.  After their set, we went to Maria’s to grab a pizza – and since Maria’s only serves pizza to-go these days, we headed across the street to The Main Tap for a beer while we waited for our pizza.  It was at The Main Tap that I saw the sign on the wall for “$1 Chocolate Pudding Shots”…and I was intrigued. I found this particular recipe for Chocolate Pudding Shots on Food 52.com.  It comes with the warning…”Be careful.  These bad boys are delish and will hit you before you know it.  Keep away from grandma and children.”

To chase the shots, Dee served up “Zombie Ice Undead Double Pale Ale” from 3 Floyds.  And it worked perfectly…as usual!

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