Feed The Resistance: Cooking With Booze!

While I was on vacation last week, I found a book called “Cooking With Booze!”  (I know – my vacations are always that exciting!).  Of course, I had to buy the book and try out some of the recipes.  What I made this morning was a Potato Salad with a Beer Dressing!  The dressing is pretty simple – just a few onions cooked down in a little oil – add to that some mustard and some beer and cook it down a little more.  The potatoes are just boiled, and then cut into “thumb-sized” chunks, and then mixed in with the dressing and a diced red onion.

To pair with the Potato Salad – Dee brought in “Lemongrass PILS” from 3 Sheeps – and as usual, she nailed it – these tasted great together!

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