Feed The Resistance: Chile Oil-Marinated Goat Cheese!

Last week, while I was looking for a recipe to make with peaches, I stumbled across an article about Provence in that same issue of Food & Wine magazine.  In that article, I found a recipe for Chile Oil-Marinated Goat Cheese, and being that le Tour de France is happening right now, I thought it would be appropriate to make something from Provence.  I couldn’t find this recipe on the Food & Wine website, so I couldn’t link to it – but I can tell you that it’s a pretty simple combination of dried chiles, goat cheese and olive oil.  Basically, you cut the goat cheese up into several chunks and marinate it in the oil and chiles for several days.  Drain off the chile oil before you serve – but they say to hang onto the oil for another use.

To pair with the spicy goat cheese, Dee picked Ale Asylum’s “Plush Crush” – now being brewed by Karben4.

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