Feed The Resistance: Grilled Cheese w/Tomato-Coconut Chutney!

The World Championship Cheese Contest was happening in Madison this week, so I had to do something with Cheese.  O.K. – Grilled Cheese sandwiches for all!  It’s actually a grilled cheese sandwich with a little twist…a bit of Tomato-Coconut Chutney!  The chutney recipe came from Food & Wine magazine, and they suggested that it’s a great replacement for ketchup, and “superb with grilled cheese sandwiches” – so that’s what I did!  And they were right!

To pair with the sandwich, Dee loves pickles with her grilled cheese, so she chose a beer called “Pickle Friday” from Jukes Ale Works in Elkhorn, Nebraska.  The first sip of beer was really heavy on the pickle flavor, but that mellowed considerably with a bit of the sandwich – especially when you got a little taste of the chutney.