Feed The Resistance: Mardi Gras 2024!

Mardi Gras is coming up on Tuesday, so in honor of that, I had to do a little Cajun cooking!  The jambalaya recipe that I make most often is a very simple, one-pot meal that comes from Chef John Besh of New Orleans.  The recipe was included in a cookbook from Food & Wine magazine, called “Chef’s Easy Weeknight Dinners” – and it is.  Easy, that is.  Normally, I would expect to spend an entire afternoon putting together a jambalaya, but this one comes together in about 30-45 minutes!  It’s got the spice of andouille sausage, which is tempered a bit by a little breakfast sausage that’s also used in the recipe.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the recipe online, so I can’t share it here – but if you ever come upon the book “Chef’s Easy Weeknight Dinners” – this recipe alone is worth the price of admission!

To pair with the jambalaya, Dee served up our current “Tap That” beer of the week – “Lakeside Cherry” from Leinenkugel’s, which worked perfectly – in particular, the spiciness of the andouille sausage really worked well with the cherry in the beer!