Feed The Resistance: National Salad Month!

This week we welcome back Brennan’s Market as a returning sponsor to Feed The Resistance…AND…we celebrate National Salad Month!  What better way to celebrate those two things, than with a salad made from fresh ingredients from Brennan’s Market?  The salad that I made comes from the World Central Kitchen cookbook – I wanted to do something from that collection, to bring more attention the the amazing relief work that they are doing after natural disasters and in war torn areas.  Please check out the World Central Kitchen website to learn more about that work and find ways to help them in their mission.

The salad that I made is “Brooke’s Carrot-Farro Salad” – it’s basically cooked farro with onion, garlic, carrots, shallots, radishes, cilantro and avocado.  To pair with the salad, Dee went international, with a beer from the world’s oldest brewery, and served up a Weihenstephaner Helles.

Feed The Resistance is thanks to Brennan’s Market…Make your gatherings memorable with Brennan’s!