Feed The Resistance: National Vegetarian Month!

The month of October is National Vegetarian month.  My wife and I were vegetarians for about 5 years, several years ago – we fell off the wagon during a trip to New Orleans (you can’t go to New Orleans without trying the crawfish!).  Since that time, we never went completely back to a vegetarian lifestyle, but we have always enjoyed cooking and eating vegetarian meals.  You might say that we are failed vegetarians.  To celebrate National Vegetarian month, I did a little digging through the many veggie recipes that we have collected over the years, and grabbed one of my favorites…Saucy White Beans & Greens on Toast!  The recipe comes together very quickly – cooking down some shallots, garlic, cumin seeds and peppers in a little butter and oil, then adding a little white wine, veggie stock, beans and the greens (I used collards instead of spinach this time).  That all simmers for a bit and then it’s served over toast, with a little parmesan.  YUMMY!

To pair with the Beans and Greens – Dee grabbed an Oktillion Oktoberfest from Ale Asylum, which is now being brewed by Karben4.  As usual, Dee’s pairing worked perfectly!

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