Feed The Resistance: National Sausage Month!

Last week we learned that the month of October is National Vegetarian Month, and made a great veggie dish – Saucy White Beans & Greens on Toast!  Ironically, the month of October is also National Sausage Month – so this week’s dish is decidedly NOT vegetarian.  When I started thinking about what to do with sausages (Dee – keep your comments to yourself!), I asked myself – “What would Tony do?”  Anthony Bourdain was most definitely  a meat-lover, so I turned to his “Appetites” cookbook, for a recipe for a Sausage & Pepper Hero.  The sandwich is pretty simple – cook up a few sausages, remove them from the pan and cut them into bite-size pieces, and cook up the onions and peppers in the same pan.  Load all of it into a hero roll…and you’re done!

To pair with the sandwich…Dee brought in a Leffe Belgian Blonde Ale, with notes of vanilla and cloves that worked perfectly with the sausages!

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